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Expertise of Andrew Henley:

Criminal/Civil Fraud
Andrew Henley has long and extensive experience in all forms of fraud. He has recently collaborated with Mishcon de Reya on two major civil frauds in development of his unique CaseChart system of presentation. He has also assisted Dass & Co. Solicitors on two large MTIC frauds.
R v Panthaky (2006)
$5 million multi-national conspiracy to defraud. Sole counsel in this re-insurance fraud.
R v Megrabi (2010-2011)
Instructed to represent the main defendant in a joint Organised Crime Division of the CPS and the Serious Organised Crime Agency prosecution of conspiracy to launder the proceeds of 50 million Euros.
R v Gold (2010-2011)
Successfully defended in a SFO prosecution of the widely publicised Beijing Games Fraud.
R v Cavret (2013)
Case heard at the Isleworth Crown Court.

General Crime
R v Cornell (1996)
Leading counsel in an international, multi-defendant drugs importation case heard at Southampton Crown Court.
R v Booth (1999)
Importation of cocaine. This was one of the largest seizures of drugs and money at the time. Heard at the Central Criminal Court and Woolwich Crown Court.
R v Atesogullari (2005)
Leading Counsel in an allegation of conspiracy to kidnap, imprison and rape.
R v Air El Fassi (2008)
Leading counsel in a £200million drugs importation. Wood Green Crown Court.
R v Blagrove (2009)
Widely reported allegation of supply of drugs to celebrities.

Serious Sexual Offences
R v Byaruhangar (1994), successful as the sole counsel at the Central Criminal Court. More recently our advocate has appeared in R v Ince (2010); in breaking new law by harnessing expert evidence, he was successful in this post R v Barker child sex case.

R v Pitman (1997)
Sole counsel in this case of attempted murder heard at the Central Criminal Court.
R v Daley (2003)
Murder case heard at the Central Criminal Court.
R v Browning (2006)
Murder case at Reading Crown Court.
R v Gruber (2006)
Sole counsel in an attempted murder trial. Inner London Crown Court.
R v Bamfo (2006)
Murder trial lasting over two months. Central Criminal Court.
R v Herman (2006)
Murder trial lasting five weeks. Central Criminal Court.
R v Memeti (2007)
Murder trial. Central Criminal Court /Snaresbrook Crown Court.
R v Morrison (2008)
Murder trial at the Central Criminal Court.
R v Collins (2009)
Attempted murder trial at the Central Criminal Court.
R v Christopher (2009)
Murder trial at the Central Criminal Court.

If your business is the subject of an investigation by the police, local authority, or any regulatory body, come see us as soon as possible. In these matters, it is vital to get early advice and guidance from an expert in regulatory law – and, crucially, someone who also has detailed knowledge of the criminal justice system. It is important to emphasise that the penalties for regulatory offences can be severe, and can affect the viability of your whole business. You need someone in your corner who appreciates the possible consequences.
Andrew Henley has 20 years’ experience in the London Crown Courts. He is qualified to represent clients in regulatory hearings, and recently advised on General Medical Council work. He has attended other health professional hearings, and is authorised to represent clients in Police Disciplinary Tribunals Regulatory.

Examples of work undertaken by Andrew:
R v Sivaruban (2012)
Crown Court prosecution under The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.
R v DeGuzman (2009)
Trial relating to the Consumer Credit Act 1974
Re. Countrywide PLC (2010)
Consumer Credit Act 1974.
R v Keenan
Breach of planning legislation. The Town and Country Planning Act 1990.
R v Getmetickets & Rangos
Trading Standards allegation.
North Cash and Carry
Challenging a seizure of goods by Revenue and Customs.

General Medical Council
GMC v Dr Ali

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