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One of the purposes of these blogs is to inform on developments in law and how they apply in practice in our everyday lives.

Reduction in speed limits

A relatively new development is the proliferation of 20 mile per hour speed limit zones in residential areas in London and elsewhere.

The aim of the reduction in speed

According to Transport for London (TfL), new 20 mph speed limit zones were in forced across central London from March of this year. The aim of the reduction in speed is to tackle road danger. The reduction, say TfL, is the most important aspect in reducing danger. Apparently, a person is five times less likely to be fatally injured if struck by a vehicle travelling at 20 mph then at 30 mph.

Enforcement of the new speed limit

According to literature online, the speed limits are not being enforced in the 20 mph zone. I beg to differ!

A client instructed me recently. He fell fowl of the enforcement cameras in a dramatic way with startling consequences.

My client used a road in a 20 mph zone. He managed to exceed the limit on three separate occasions during the same week. Three summonses were issued for excessive speed. One summons was for speed in excess by 4 mph!

The dramatic consequences I mentioned were that my client received nine penalty points; three penalty points for each breach of the speed limit.

Whatever information is available on the Internet, the reality is that these 20 mph zones are being enforced.

Driving licence necessity
For most of us, a driving licence is a necessary part of life and for many, the key to our livelihood.

The excess speed offences resulted in a summons’ being issued by three separate Courts: Willesden Magistrates’ Court; Lavender Hill Magistrates’ Court and Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court.

When such events occur, whether you instruct a solicitor or a direct access barrister, that lawyer will be able to advise you on the best way to mitigate the consequences.

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