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The importance of a conference (Limited disclosure of prosecution evidence and an unwillingness by the courts to agree to an adjournment)

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Why is a conference necessary before attending court? I attended the Milton Keynes Magistrates’ Court at a first appearance on a drink/drive case. The prosecution disclosure of evidence was minimal, and the court refused to grant an adjournment for me to properly consider the evidence. This situation has been created…

Recovery of legal costs if successful

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If successful in defending a case at the Magistrates’ Court or Crown Court, I will make an application for a Defendant’s Costs Order. The effect of the order is that all the legal costs are paid out of a Government fund.  In November 2011, two clients were granted such orders…

Barrister or Solicitor?

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Andrew Henley is a specially qualified barrister able to take cases directly from the public, without the need for a solicitor. A barrister is not burdened by the same overheads as a solicitor. Barristers are individual practitioners and their fees can actually be lower than solicitors’, but they offer the…