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Businesses cannot rely on Atkinson v DPP

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Business cannot rely on the liberal interpretation in Atkinson v DPP (duty to give information). The High Court excluded business because of the implied duty to keep records. Ensure records are properly maintained in the event of a road traffic offence being committed.  Aktinson v DPP

Time is money: Business beware of imposing unreasonable timetables

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If an employee exceeds the speed limit as a result of attempting to comply with his or her employer’s unreasonable timetable, the employer can be charged with procuring an offence of speeding. The timetable or schedule can be used as evidence of the employer’s complicity.  So, this is a cautionary…

Businessmen – Know Your Limits!

Lack of judgement about your speed, coupled with a lack of judgement about your ability to communicate, could cost you your licence. My working environment, the courtroom, is an artificial place. The rules and customs there are known only to the initiated. To an outsider, it is a mysterious place…