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The importance of examining the evidence

My client was charged with driving without due care and attention at Redhill Magistrates’ Court. The other driver claimed that my client had rammed him! Fortunately, photographs existed of the damage to the vehicles. These photographs confirmed that the damage was consistent with a side on side collision, rather than…

Fines Increase

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Outlined in a Department for Transport consultation document, motorists caught offending face an increase in penalties from £60 to £90.  These fine are directed toward drivers who occupy outer lanes when the inside lane of a carriageway is empty, and pushing into an orderly queue of traffic.  From my personal…

Beware Cyclists

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This may be anecdotal but worthy of an entry. Colleagues at the Bar report an increase in prosecutions of motorists causing accidents involving cyclists. Therefore, be careful when opening doors and that goes for passengers too. And, please remind yourself of the obvious, visibility is reduced in inclement weather. On…